It's not just me!

The loan processor is key to a quick and seamless closing as Rachael coordinates our efforts with the
CBC underwriting team, making sure that there are no surprises or delays in your mortgage closing with
CBC National Bank.

Together, with Ryan Moeller, the manager of our processing team, we provide over 30 years of experience in the
mortgage industry.  You can rest assured that the loan process will exceed your expectations... making us mortgage
partners for life.  Good to know since the average homeowner has between 7 and 9 mortgages in their lifetime.

You might even get a phone call from Rachael or Ryan if I'm out of the office and something important
concerning your loan needs immediate attention.  How's that for customer service?!
Thanks for allowing Bill and I to assist with your mortgage

Toll Free:  877-455-6577  Ext 6046
Direct:  678-679-6046
Fax:  678-680-5783

Rachael Johnston
Sr. Loan Processor
About Rachael
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Bill Brown
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