Rachel Hudgins, Realtor
93 Church Street
Marietta, GA  30060
Kayla Murray
Executive Assistant

Finding A Great Realtor - Made Easy!

You've heard of RE/MAX.  Of course you have, everyone has!

They operate in all 50 states, just like we do at CBC National Bank.

I have a favorite in the Greater Atlanta area.

Her name is Rachel Hudgins and she and her Executive Assistant Kayla Murray make a SUPER team!

Need a Realtor in a different state?

No Problem!

Allow Rachel to refer you to a top RE/MAX agent in your area.

Buying or selling, Rachel's team can help you.

If you are buying, allow me to get you pre-approved... not pre-qualified!

What's the difference?

Pre-qualified means the system has you approved based on the information you provided but an underwriter has
never seen your file.  Pre-approved means the underwriter has approved credit, income and assets.  All that is left is
the contract and the appraisal.  Purchase contracts have deadlines and missing them could cost you money.  Getting
pre-approved is a sure fire way to avoid costly delays or discovering half way through the process that you don't
qualify for the home you're trying to buy!  I'll tell you all about it at the beginning of the process.  Once you are
pre-approved, I will introduce you to Rachel and her team.  They'll make sure you find your dream home.

So give me a call or use the "Apply Now" button below and complete your application safely and securely at our
company website.

To learn more about Rachel visit her website by clicking on her picture.  Please tell her we are working together and
let me know that you contacted her so I can communicate with her and keep her informed of the approval process.
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