What’s Involved and How Long Does It Take?

The entire process is usually completed within 30 days.

The Process

Complete a full application online safely and securely.
It’s easy, just answer the questions and your application is filled automatically.  You can skip the liabilities section.
It will fill automatically if/when you approve your credit being pulled.  I'll contact you.

Call me.  678-679-6057
It will take about 10 minutes to complete your application over the phone.

2. Receive your free rate quote based on the information provided.

3. If you like what you hear, give permission to pull credit and get pre-approved.

4. If Purchase Loan – Find home and send me contract.  Refinance Loans continue to step 5.

5. Your disclosures will be emailed to you.  They return to me automatically when you are done with electronic

6. Verify income and assets.  I’ll tell you what documents we need.  Email or fax them directly to me.

7. You’re done, we do the rest!

Three Days Before Closing

You’ll receive the “Final CD” (Closing Disclosure).  It will be exactly like the one you will sign at closing so there are
no surprises.  I’ll review it with you.

Three Days Later

Sign the Closing Documents.  All Done!

It really is that easy!  So go ahead and get started.  You've got nothing to lose!  Your rate quote and mortgage analysis
is absolutely free and you are under no obligation.

No high pressure sales tactics.  Just open and honest communication so you can make a decision that is best for you
and your family.

Take me to the secure application.

Call me.

Direct:  678-679-6057
Toll Free:  877-455-4677  Ext:  6057
Mobile:  803-542-3863

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