Purchase Loans at CBC National Bank

1.  Conventional Loans
If you have good credit and at least a 3% down payment than a conventional mortgage may be best for you.  As a
nationwide lender we have access to great rates and a variety of programs.  Ask me about our Lender Paid Mortgage
Insurance if your down payment is less than 20%.  It has lowered many of our customers' monthly payment.

2.  FHA Loans
If your credit is not perfect but over 580, or if you are a little short on down payment funds, then an FHA Loan
may be right for you.  Down payment of 3.5% is required but all of it may be a gift from a relative.

3.  USDA Loans
If your income does not exceed the requirements and your property is located in a designated rural area,
a USDA Loan may be right for you.  No down payment required.

4.  VA Loans
Are you a veteran or active military?  Then a VA Loan may be best for you.  Available for borrowers with less than
perfect credit and no down payment required.  Additionally, no mortgage insurance required so this is likely to
lower your payment when compared to other loan options.  Thank you for serving our country.  Let us now serve
you with great rates on your VA

5.  Jumbo Loans
Do you need a loan in an amount greater than $424,100?  Perhaps you'll qualify for a Jumbo Loan at 90% loan to
value with no private mortgage insurance.  Give me a call and I'll help you determine if this loan suits your needs.

Get pre-approved... Not pre-qualified.  Have an advantage over others making an offer on the same
home.  Close in as little as 10 days!  Call me and I'll tell you how.

Office: 678-679-6057   Cell:  803-542-3863
Purchase Loans
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