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Bill Brown Gentleman...

Yes, I recommend this loan officer.

Confident, problem solver, satisfied our financial needs.... quick responses, professional and a
gentleman, honest and straight forward.... Kudos Bill.


By:  Tony and Michelle - Massachusetts
Our Best Mortgage Experience Ever!

Yes, I recommend this loan officer.

When I filled out information to explore mortgage options at Lending Tree, I received numerous phone
calls and emails. Bill Brown acknowledged the volume of responses in his first phone call and simply
requested the opportunity to tell us how he works and what he can do. There is a lot of competition but
we wanted to work with someone who took the time to listen, learn and help with our specific needs. Bill
Brown was that individual - from start to finish. Over the years, we have purchase 7 or 8 homes with
associated mortgages. With Bill Brown's help, this was the best mortgage experience we have ever had.
Absolutely appreciate and highly recommend Bill Brown to help with your mortgage needs


By:  Bob - Connecticut
Amazingly Fast Service!

Yes, I recommend this loan officer.

Bill was the fastest I've seen. He was the first to respond of any of the companies and within a matter of
2 days the loan application and review process was complete.  My loan was closed in a matter of 3 weeks
with no issues as Bill always kept me informed.  I'd highly recommend Bill and CBC for your loan needs!


By:  Michael - Florida
Great Service

Yes I recommend this loan officer.

Bill gave great service, attention to detail and was awesome from the beginning of the process until the
end. Very professional and easy to work with. The entire process with Bill was painless.


By:  Siam and Wanda - Maryland
Refinancing Loan

Yes, I recommend this loan officer.

Bill Brown's professionalism and dedication to me, far exceeded my expectations. He turned my
difficult situation into something that was more manageable and realistic. I can't thank Bill enough
for making the loan happen for me!


By:  Matt - Louisiana
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Bill Brown
NMLS# 1460898
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