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Total Number of Reviews:  60

Average Overall Rating:  5.00 Stars

Average Rating for Interest Rate:  4.97 Stars

Average Rating for Fees and Closing Costs:  4.97 Stars

Average Rating for Responsiveness:  5.00 Stars

Average Rating for Customer Service:  5.00 Stars
Ratings from 1 Star to 5 Stars

I created these mortgage pages on February 27, 2016.
In an effort to maintain integrity, only reviews received
after that date will be posted on this site.

There are 5 reviews per page and they are posted in reverse order.
In other words, the latest review received is the one you will see first.

I appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business and
I look forward to posting your review on this site in the near future!

Bill Brown

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Outstanding Customer Service

Update of My Mortgage Reviews

There are reviews posted on this site by my customers and there are also reviews posted
at Lending Tree.  
In 2019, Lending Tree changed their policy and reviews are much easier for customers
to post at Lending Tree.  Additionally, Lending Tree reviews posted at their site may have more weight as
Lending Tree regulates and monitors all reviews to make sure they are truly from customers that have
recently closed loans.

As a consequence, In 2019 I quit posting reviews at this mortgage site.  You can still see the ones I did
post but for all reviews, please click on the Lending Tree link below.

As of September 30, 2020, there are 94 reviews at Lending Tree and I'm quite excited that all are 5.0
Stars.  The highest rating possible!

Thank you!
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Bill Brown
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